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Northern Petanque is the region of the English Petanque Association covering Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Most of the site is available to the public but some options are only available to logged in Northern members.
Please use the Contact Us option if you have problems or questions.

Recent headlines
24 SepThe 2016 Northern AGM will be held at Hollicarrs on October 29th at 10.30 am. More details on the News page.
15 SepDetailed results for the challenge have now been added to the results page. ALL results have also been made easier to read.
13 SepCongratulations to the Northern squad who finished 5th in division 1 easily achieving the aim of remaining in division 1 after last years promotion. The Challenge squad finished 7th and so are relegated but they only finished 1 win behind 5th and 6th. The weather on Saturday was horrendous but Sunday was blue sky. Detailed results for the main squad are in the results section but the detailed challenge results are not currently available.
15 AugThe first 3 way Inter Regional between Northern, Heart of England and Mercia was a very good competitive event. The final result saw Northern on the same wins (25) as Heart of England but HoE had the better points difference. Mercia were not far behind on 22 wins. Full results are on the results page.
09 AugThe 2016 Presentation night for Regional Awards and for the York league will be on Saturday 12th November at Wigginton. More details are available on the News page.